"Explore Discovery Park" App Launches; Offers Guided Historic Tour of Discovery Park

Whether you’re a seasoned Discovery Park visitor or encountering Seattle’s largest park for the first time, the “Explore Discovery Park” App will offer new insights about this stunning nature and wildlife reserve. “Discovery Park has many layers of history,” said Jennifer Ott, Staff Historian with History Link, the organization that helped develop the App. “It seems like everywhere you turn there is an interesting story. From devoted dogs and perched sand dunes to buildings that stand silently yet were once bursting with troops, there is something for everyone.”

Using geo-location on a mobile phone, you can walk around and learn about the local history and intent of the park’s natural and built assets as you unearth hidden treasures with 23 points of interest around the park. Boasting over 500 acres of pristine land with signature recreation and relaxation areas, Discovery Park offers an array of options from hiking trails and protected tidal beaches to meadowlands, sea cliffs and active sand dunes.

Open the App to unlock a map showing points of interest ready to be explored: 

Then simply click on an icon to reveal an in-depth look at the location:

The App serves to complement visitor exploration of the park, offering in-depth looks at the Homes at Fort Lawton and beyond; whether it’s learning that when you’re standing at Officer’s Row you’re standing at the highest point in the park or discovering the story behind Kiwanis Memorial Preserve Park, Seattle’s last heronry. “With the launch of the ‘Explore Discovery Park’ App, visiting the area has become that much more dynamic,” said Stephanie McMahon, Community Sales Director for The Homes at Fort Lawton. “I’m excited that visitors will now have the opportunity to fully explore the rich history behind so many aspects of the park.”

A public gift from RISE Properties Trust, the real estate investment firm that is responsibly restoring the historic military homes back to their former stately manner, the App will guide you through one of the city’s treasures and allow you to reminisce over “what was” while you enjoy “what is.”

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