Stephanie's Notes from the Field: Halloween Weekend Events

It's a colorful fall forest in Discovery Park, and Halloween weekend is the perfect time to explore and celebrate this enchanting change of season! 

Find out what's happening Halloween weekend in Magnolia and Discovery park:

Friday 10/30

  • Magnolia’s annual Trick-or-Treat in the Village will take place the day before Halloween (Friday, October 30th), from 4:00 – 6:00pm. W. McGraw street will be closed from 32nd Ave to 34th Ave .... Bring a bag for treats!

Saturday 10/31

  • Ft. Lawton Cemetery Tour: Those 12 and over are invited for a free history walk through the cemetery from 2-4pm for stories about those buried there including 2 POW’s, an unknown soldier, 2 base commanders, and more! 

Sunday 11/1

  • Mushroom Walk Discovery Park: Are you curious about the mushrooms that literally pop out of the ground in the fall? What do they do, anyway? This program reveals the big news about fungi – without them, there are no plants. Discover the fascinating tale of fungus; learn about their role as the ultimate recyclers and natural fertilizers. 

More this fall

  • This fall at Discovery Park, explore tidepools, scout for owls, and get involved in park stewardship!