Places and Faces: South Beach, Discovery Park - An Explorer’s Refuge

A wild, secluded coastline in the middle of an urban city? The seeming paradox is anything but fantasy, instead it’s a rather beautiful reality at South Beach, Discovery Park.
Unlike many of Seattle’s urban beaches, South Beach actually feels a world away, yet is a mere stone’s throw from The Homes at Fort Lawton and the charming neighborhoods of Magnolia and Ballard. 

Bound by Magnolia Bluff to the east and the West Point Lighthouse to the west, Discovery Park’s South Beach is a geological wonder; its formation—the product of millennia of landslides, earthquakes, and tsunamis— as well as its proximity to the Bluffs, give it a natural uniqueness and character not seen elsewhere throughout the region.
Visitors to the beach can still find all of the usual features they have come to know and love at Puget Sound beaches: driftwood, mixed sand and gravel beach. Rather its uniqueness lies within the quaintness of being transported to another place in time. The lighthouse, the convergence of natural spits, active sand dunes, and the lusciously forested Bluffs all the way down to the water’s edge, make South Beach a gem to be experienced.
Notwithstanding South Beach’s natural beauty and alluring appearance, visitors might be surprised to learn that the area is highly maintained, nourished, and restored. South Beach’s remote character is accentuated by Discovery Park’s no-car, passive use policy. Access to the park’s miles of shoreline is via a network of nature trails designed for the active explorer. 

To have such a natural treasure within walking distance of The Homes at Fort Lawton, underscores the community’s sense of serene country living.