Places and Faces: The Discovery Park Environmental Learning Center

Have an itch to visit Seattle’s preeminent public park but have no idea where to start? Discovery Park makes it simple and seamless to find all information related to the park, ranging from which paths to take, to the various species of bird and fauna that you may encounter. Every visit to Discovery Park should commence at the Discovery Park Environmental Learning Center.

Upon walking in the front door of the center, you are greeted by a friendly and informative docent that is willing and able to answer any and all questions. They can guide you on the best trails to see whatever you’ve come to see: the beach, birds, trees, etc. But before heading out on your day of fun and discovery, the center has more than just a friendly face to guide you along your day.

Inside the center, you can find a wealth of knowledge via interactive exhibits that showcase a variety of information pertinent to the park. Learn about the geological history of the park and the bluff on which it is situated, listen to the bird sounds that you may encounter along the way, and learn about the history that we can learn from a seemingly ‘simple’ tree.

Any visit to Discovery Park is not complete without a visit to the Discovery Park Environmental Learning Center. The beauty of the park only further enhances the experience that the Homes of Fort Lawton has to offer.