Town and Country

A slice of small-town, historic Americana amidst a vibrant and ever-growing urban city center sound like a fantasy? A fantasy not in the slightest—rather, a most wonderful reality that beckons back to a time of quaint neighborhoods and blissful living amongst nature and its serene beauty. Enter Fort Lawton. 

The Homes at Fort Lawton allow a modern, urban city-dweller to experience a most unique duality of dwelling: Living within minutes of the bustling metropolis of Seattle, yet all the while feeling a world away in a bygone time of a picturesque small-town. Nowhere else is it possible to work in a downtown skyscraper amid the hustle and bustle, and then return home to a private oasis situated in the heart of Discovery Park. 

Feel like having a quiet night in and gazing up to the unadulterated sky above? Or, perhaps, a night out on the town in some of the most vivacious Seattle neighborhoods? Both are bonafide possibilities. Maybe one morning you decide to take a hike down to a secluded beach and take in the sea air before heading into work downtown. Or maybe even take an exploratory bike ride around the park, noting all of the unique and various species of bird, then heading down to Magnolia for a quick bite to eat. Again, both are definitely achievable and not just hopeful thinking.

With downtown just a mere minutes away and Seattle’s most preeminent park in your backyard, living the dual town and country lifestyle is not only possible at The Homes at Fort Lawton, but an actual reality.