Stephanie's Notes From The Field

Renovation efforts on Montana Circle are in full swing, and the transformation is evident! We have an excellent team of project managers and craftsmen, who haven’t missed a beat. Take a look here for their latest activity . . .
•      Sprinkler systems have been fired up, and the landscaping around the community is singing
•      Tons of activity on Montana Circle, as construction is well underway in a variety of areas, (for your safety, please no visitors!) 
•      We will begin construction on Officers’ Row once all the homes have been vacated – we are half way there
Montana Circle
•      Milestone alert – cover inspection was approved for 909A & 909B.  This means framing, and all new mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems passed inspection, and we can move on to next phase of renovations in 909 – congrats team!  
•      Those inviting front porches on duplexes 905, 907, and 909 are being completed
•      Final touches on “signature yellow” exterior paint being applied to duplexes 903 and 909
•      We began framing in 907A & 907B
•      We started pouring concrete for foundations, patios and street improvements
Interior finishes (everybody’s favorite) 
•      We’ve begun installing interior finishes in the first two homes, and they are really coming to life:
•      Cabinets are in (wow gorgeous!) and we’ve begun painting the interiors
•      Started tiling kitchens and baths
•      100 year-old hardwood floors will be refinished next week
Stay tuned for our next update from the field  . . . and remember, for your safety, we apologize but please no visitors!