Historic and Modern

Modern appliances, luxurious contemporary living and refined interiors—found inside homes built in 1900? Such a paradox is the beautiful reality at the Homes at Fort Lawton: Artfully uniting a rich history with luxurious modernity set within the frame of 26 turn-of-the-century heirloom homes.

Nowhere else is it possible to find the majesty of a historic home complete with all of the modern-day comforts of what would appear to be a brand new home. Those with an appreciation and deep admiration for the past will find immense comfort in being a part of living history; a world-class design team has been assembled to elevate this collection of twenty-six heirloom homes with inspired interiors and perfectly preserved architecture that befit a national treasure.

It is no easy feat to accomplish modernity in the shell of homes well over 100 years old. A real holistic approach has been taken in all aspects of accomplishing such an endeavor; keeping consistent with the historic relevance of the homes and maintaining that special nature of the homes are the cornerstones of every move in the preservation and renovation process. The truest attention to detail is evident in every facet of the homes.

Not only is the illustrious history playing a role in the redesign process, the homes’ setting in Discovery Park is playing just as important an inspiration. Montana Circle homes reveal interiors inspired by a tranquil stroll in nature— imagine the mid-morning light in the forest or the soft ripples along the shoreline, quiet neutral palettes that bring the best of the outdoors in.