Land and Sea

Seattle’s preeminent park—Discovery Park. Set amidst a bustling, urban, international-business hub, Discovery Park boasts 534 acres of unspoiled parkland and a coastline that is akin to a vast uncharted wilderness; yet is a mere 10 minute drive to the downtown core.

Discovery Park is unique for so many reasons: A park born out of US Army surplus land, open pastures straddle dense forest, and a bluff presides over rugged coastline that would appear as though it has remained unseen for millennia.  And the most unique aspect of the park: The Homes at Fort Lawton.

Living in Discovery Park would prove to be nothing short of a treat. The ability to ride your bike across diverse and rugged terrain through meadows and forests down to the beautiful, pristine beaches that the park offers. The union of beautiful land mixed with the tranquility of the beaches and ocean is truly a unique and unprecedented gift to all those who visit. Whereas many parks offer a specialized experience, Discovery Park gives the visitor, and resident, no shortage of activities.

Nowhere else can you see such an array of wildlife and fauna in such a diverse landscape, all while being just steps away from the geographic wonder that the bluff provides for the dazzling beaches and coastline. Discovery Park is undoubtedly the perfect fusion of both land and sea; and what better way to experience it all than living in the one-of-a-kind Homes at Fort Lawton.