Daily Journal of Commerce | Real Estate Buzz: 26 Fort Lawton Homes Go On Sale Soon

The Daily Journal of Commerce's Real Estate reporter, Nat Levy, marked the day the first Montana Circle home to be listed with an in-depth look into the care and detail that went into such an impressive project.

"The Rise team spent about $200,000 on each of the smaller houses and $600,000 on each of the bigger ones. Some are done and others are still getting upgrades. The work includes new electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems; radiant heat in some of the floors; new roofs, paint and siding; window repairs; and new appliances. The team is also trying to keep all the architectural details that can be saved. 'You get the benefits of new construction (but) with historic brick walls downstairs and historic exterior,' Blakeslee said. 'We think that's pretty special.'"

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