Seattle PI | Fort Lawton Homes Nearing Closer To Sale

Rounding out an impressive day of media attention, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer highlighted how truly unique these homes really are, even for a city who is know stranger to unique homes such as Seattle. Citing the shear fact that the homes were formerly military, the PI proclaims the Homes at Fort Lawton are "about as unique as they come."

Despite how beautiful and well-preserved they are, being on a historic site was not without hurdles along the way: "'The toughest part is behind us,' Blakeslee said, referring to the arduous, bureaucratic process of readying historic homes for public sale. 'We all recognize the responsibility of conserving the living legacy of Fort Lawton, while at the same time creating a distinctive residential community.'"

Doing the job right and doing it with great care is of utmost importance to the developer, Rise Properties, when embarking on the huge project.

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