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Daily Journal of Commerce | Real Estate Buzz: 26 Fort Lawton Homes Go On Sale Soon

The Daily Journal of Commerce's Real Estate reporter, Nat Levy, marked the day the first Montana Circle home to be listed with an in-depth look into the care and detail that went into such an impressive project.

Curbed Seattle: First Look at Discovery Park's Renovated Fort Lawton Homes

Announcing the official listing of the first Montana Circle to be on the market, Curbed Seattle chronicles the rich history of the land upon which these beautiful homes now occupy.

The Homes at Fort Lawton did not always exist in Discovery Park; in fact, Discovery Park itself owes its existence to the previously held US Army fort being bequeathed back to the city of Seattle. The opportunity to live just minutes from downtown Seattle, all while feeling a world-away in an expansive 534-acre park with breath-taking views of the Puget Sound and Olympics. 

The history of the land is as interesting as the project of renovating and preserving these homes.


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Former Military Houses in Seattle’s Discovery Park Go On Market | Seattle Times

The Homes at Fort Lawton's biggest press mention of the day is from the Seattle Times. As the largest newspaper in the state, an exhibition from the Times on the project did not go unnoticed. 

Announcing the official first home to hit the market for sale, the Times chronicles the huge undertaking made by Rise Properties, who purchased the vast property from the US Navy in February. The chance to own a piece of property amidst Seattle's preeminent public park is enough to garner attention and buzz on its own, the Times notes. 

As such, bidding wars are to be expected: President and CEO of Realogics Sotheby's International Realty, Dean Jones, expects multiple offers on each of these extremely unique homes as they come to market. 


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Urban Livin—Fort Lawton’s First Home Going On Sale Today

Following the onslaught of media attention, urbnlivn, the Seattle Real Estate blog, highlighted how monumental of an event the first home going on the market it. Urbnlivn casts a light on how truly painstaking and detail-oriented of an undertaking this project is for Rise Properties.

" This wasn’t a quick flip. The developer, RISE Properties, is super passionate about the project and certainly got their hands dirty re-developing homes that were built between 1899 and 1935."

Urbnlivn eloquently showcases the homes and honors and recognizes the time and care that went into their preservation and renovation.


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On September 19th and 20th more than 500 registered guests were treated to a property preview opportunity at the newly completed sales center and model home at Montana Circle – the first release at The Homes at Fort Lawton.  Set to debut to the public on Saturday, October 3rd advance tours are available to prospective homebuyers that register online at 

Places and Faces: The Discovery Park Environmental Learning Center

Places and Faces: The Discovery Park Environmental Learning Center

Have an itch to visit Seattle’s preeminent public park but have no idea where to start? Discovery Park makes it simple and seamless to find all information related to the park, ranging from which paths to take, to the various species of bird and fauna that you may encounter.

Places and Faces: South Beach, Discovery Park - An Explorer’s Refuge

A wild, secluded coastline in the middle of an urban city? The seeming paradox is anything but fantasy, instead it’s a rather beautiful reality at South Beach, Discovery Park.
Unlike many of Seattle’s urban beaches, South Beach actually feels a world away, yet is a mere stone’s throw from The Homes at Fort Lawton and the charming neighborhoods of Magnolia and Ballard.