A Unique Enclave Without the Gate

The Homes at Fort Lawton are set amidst some of the most unspoiled natural land in Seattle: Discovery Park.  Situated above Puget Sound on Magnolia Bluff, the park is one of Seattle’s signature recreation and relaxation areas, offering everything from hiking trails and protected tidal beaches to meadow lands, sea cliffs and active sand dunes.  It is the city’s largest public park, serving as a nature and wildlife reserve for the benefit and education of the citizens of Seattle.

To provide an open space of quiet and tranquility away from the stress and activity of the city, a sanctuary for wildlife, as well as an outdoor classroom for people to learn about the natural world.
— Discovery Park’s mission

Discovery Park also ensures an unimaginable level of privacy from the outside world, even though it is mere minutes from Downtown Seattle. Fort Lawton residents have access to all of the park’s amenities, topped off by a carefully tended neighborhood that offers all of the natural beauty and charm of a historic town.  As a homeowner at Fort Lawton, you have Seattle’s most beautiful and protected views and natural surroundings at your doorstep without the fuss of a gated community. This is how it used to be. This is how it should be.

Discovery Park Comes to Life

In 1971, the Army surplussed a large portion of Fort Lawton (excluding the land associated with the historic military homes) and would eventually transfer over 500 acres of land to the city of Seattle for the purpose of establishing a park.  Discovery Park was dedicated to the people of Seattle in 1973, making it the crown jewel of the city’s park system. To this day, it remains Seattle’s largest park.

In addition to its size, the park is also known for its extensive network of hiking trails. The 2.8-mile Discovery Park Loop Trail was designated a National Recreation Trail in 1975, and there are more than 9 additional miles of walking and biking trails throughout the park.  Active explorers also enjoy miles of accessible shoreline and natural vistas with remarkably little hint that there’s a big city around the point.

For Active Explorers

Despite its proximity to downtown Seattle, Discovery Park is known as an ideal place for viewing wildlife, especially birds and marine life.  In fact, the Seattle Audubon Society has compiled a list of 270 bird species seen within the park and around the edges of its nearby waters.  The park is also home to a vast variety of tree species: Big Leaf Maple, Red Alder, Bitter Cherry, Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Western Hemlock and more can all be found there.

Discovery Park is beautifully integrated into its surrounding Magnolia neighborhood.  With plenty of community involvement, a wildlife education center and the Daybreak Star Cultural Center, the park invites a wide variety of people to partake in its natural splendor.   The Park is a beloved, safe and family-friendly retreat from hectic urban life – an inherently peaceful center that draws nature lovers from all over the city for low-impact wilderness appreciation and recreation.