The Homes at Fort Lawton present an opportunity like no other to live in an authentic, landmark neighborhood surrounded by the natural beauty of Discovery Park. 

With all thirteen homes sold at Montana Circle, the collection of residences at Officer’s Row represents the final opportunity to own a home at Fort Lawton.

If you are passionate about living in one of the last thirteen historic homes, we encourage you to register here. Tours of our new sales center and model home on Officer’s Row will be offered first to those of you on our interest list. 


Joining the Officer’s Club is a simple two-step process. Click here to register


For more information about the Officer’s Club, please view our FAQs below or download here


For more information about The Homes at Fort Lawton, we invite you to contact our sales team.



+ Q: What is the Officer’s Club? Why should I join?

The Officer’s Club is a tailored program for qualified buyers interested in living at Fort Lawton. Members in the Officer’s Club will receive priority sales information, preferred access to private events on an invitation-only basis, and most importantly an opportunity to reserve a specific home at Officer’s Row.

Over the next few months, Officer’s Club members will be invited to a series of salon events hosted by RISE Properties, where members will learn specifics about the design and restoration of the homes; the history of Fort Lawton and what it means to live in a nationally landmarked neighborhood; and the reservation process prior to the public sales debut. Members will also receive project updates through an exclusive newsletter and will be invited to consult privately with our sales team to answer any questions they might have.

+ Q: When will Officer’s Row homes be available?

With all the homes at Montana Circle owner-occupied, we are now focused on the renovation of the remaining thirteen homes at Officer’s Row. We anticipate that sales will begin this July 2016 with all the homes completed by year-end. Homes will be sold when they are fully restored and ready to show.

One thing to know about RISE Properties – we are perfectionists. We will not open a home until it’s exquisite. We are meticulous in the restoration process and if takes a little longer, we think it’s worth the wait.

+ Q: When can I tour the model home at Officer’s Row?

We willingly toured over 2,000 sightseers and homebuyers during our Fort Lawton debut at Montana Circle.

For Officer’s Row, we want buyers to be able to walk through the model home and ask questions in a less chaotic environment, free from the crowds.

Members of the Officer’s Club will be offered the first viewing, followed by general appointments. We anticipate that the model home will be ready by July 2016 but again we reserve the right to be perfectionists in our process.

+ Q: How do I join the Officer’s Club? Is there a commitment or cost to the club?

Joining is simple. The Officer’s Club registration site can be found at (or by clicking here) where prospective buyers who are qualified to purchase a home at Officer’s Row will need to submit their application.

Prospective members are also asked to provide a personalized letter sharing your interest for living at Officer’s Row and/or donate a minimum of $250 to the Seattle Parks Foundation. We anticipate that homebuyers at Officer’s Row will become not only stewards of these legacy homes but also of the park.

+ Q: Will presales be available at Officer’s Row?

No. Each Fort Lawton home is one-of-a-kind, with its own personality and unique appeal. We strongly believe prospective buyers should physically experience a home’s finished spaces before making a final purchase decision.

+ Q: Will customization be available at Officer’s Row?

No. RISE Properties has employed a world-class design and architectural team to re-envision interior spaces and restore the landmark homes at Officer’s Row. Given the complexities of working within a historic structure, each home will be completely updated and restored per our designers’ specifications.

Homeowners at Montana Circle are ecstatic with the level of preservation and new modern finishes so we have the highest confidence in our design team. However, if after closing, a homeowner wants to do more to personalize the interior of their home they certainly can.

+ Q: How will the reservation process work?

Only members of the Officer’s Club will be invited to reserve a specific home ahead of the public sales debut. The reservation provides a “first right of opportunity” for the reservation holder to enter into a binding Purchase and Sale Agreement once these documents and the home pricing are available. Home reservations will require a fully-refundable but applicable deposit of $10,000, which will be held in escrow. Reservations may be accepted for multiple positions, meaning that if a first position reservation holder decides to cancel or doesn’t proceed with a Purchase and Sale Agreement when required, the reservation holder in second position will be provided the purchase opportunity.

+ Q: What is the benefit of making a home reservation for Officer’s Row?

The ability to plan and select a specific home. Reservation holders can take comfort that they will be provided a “first right of opportunity” to review their selected home without fear of competing with multiple offers or price escalation. Knowing that their purchase opportunity is secure, reservation holders can then confidently plan other steps such as securing financing, preparing a current home for sale, etc.

+ Q: Will the purchase documents and pricing be available at the time of reservation?

Yes. Draft purchase documents will be available at the time of reservation. RISE Properties is committed to providing as much information as possible at the time of reservation and also throughout the early sales process. However, the seller must reserve the right to make modifications to the product offering, the schedule, and pricing. Pricing discussions will be held privately and by appointment with each prospective buyer before the opportunity to reserve. These discussions will include our observations about sales prices at Montana Circle and likely pricing for Officer’s Row. Given that each home is distinctive, specific pricing for a home will not be available until that home is fully renovated with modern comforts and ready for sale.

+ Q: What kind of events are being planned for the Officer’s Club?

Relevant, informative and boutique. The first event will be focused on the interior design and will be held at the architect’s offices in downtown Seattle to showcase the current floor plans, interior design approach, and the unique features of the homes. A second event will be hosted in Discovery Park where representatives will lead a walking tour for prospective homebuyers to learn more about what it means to own a nationally-landmarked residence. Our culminating event will be a reservation dinner. We are still finalizing the details for that event but it will be held in June 2016. In addition to scheduled events, members of the Officer’s Club will receive project updates and other information through an exclusive newsletter and will be contacted by our sales team to consult privately and address any other questions.

We invite you to join the Officer's Club today — click here